Boston Dual and Multi-Homed Internet Solutions

Dual and Multi-Homed Internet Solutions

The Internet connection for most companies is now carrying voice, video and data. This means if that connections goes down the company disappears from the internet for your customers and work stops for your employees. No one can afford for that to happen! has cost effect solutions for businesses both large and small which work to insure this vital connections is always up – our “Dual Connect” service.

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SERVICES’s “Dual Connect” service provides connectivity like no other provider in our region by bringing not one, but TWO separate and diverse paths. Dual Connect is our upgraded take on traditional “Multi-Homing,” by combining primary and secondary circuits which are configured to automatically fail over should there be an issue on one or the other links. Learn more . . .


Your business likely has technical requirements that are different from other businesses, perhaps even those in the same building, this makes it nearly impossible to post standard pricing. Having said that, we do offer a special for tenants of our “lit” buildings – Learn more . . .


Our Network Operations Center tests each link on the network every 60 seconds and alerts our technicians – Learn more . . .


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