is a full service wired and wireless Internet Provider for business, as well as government entities who need “always on” mission critical Internet service. Our service offerings include:


    • Wired connections: Dial up, DSL, Back Up Circuits
    • Emergency Installs Unlicensed wireless technology allows to perform emergency “same day” installations as well as provide for customers with under 20 mb of emergency connectivity need.
    • Wireless connections with speeds from 512K up to GigE licenced and unlicenced.  Licensed wireless technology allow us to provide DS3 (45mb) all the way up to GigE over the air for customers who do not want to only trust fiber with their internet connectivity.  With tower locations all over Boston and branching out into Chelsea and Wilmington, USAi provides solid Wireless Internet to customers who can not afford to ever be down.   Our Wireless Network flys over the city streets where wired services can and are often interrupted and by bringing it in from outside your immediate area, we guard against issues that crop up from time to time in the local central office.  Our well developed cell/microcell design allows for better coverage with less possible interference than other wireless providers.   Installs are always done with respect to buildings and their owners and with the utmost in care and quality.
    • Dual Connect which includes both wired plus wireless circuits for fully redundant and diverse connectivity; this represents the best possible solution for your Internet uptime.  USAi recommends this option when your connection MUST be up.  Unlike getting two connections from two separate wired providers, who could very likely still be down at the same time, your DUAL connection with USAi will be set up to be totally redundant whether you chose two wired, two wireless or a wired and a wireless connection.  When you take both circuits from USAi they are set up to seamlessly fall over should the primary circuit go down.  Our customers rarely even know that their primary has had a problem until we call to let them know it is back up!  An elegant solution for TRUE DUAL connectivity and at better pricing than two wired connections from different providers, which could actually end up being the same provider resold to two different vendors!

    • Private Networks Businesses with multiple building locations often use private lines or non-Internet circuits to interconnect their locations. has network engineering staff with certifications from Cisco, Alvarion, Trango, Bridgewave as well as many other manufacturers, who can work with your IT department to design and implement the right solution of wired, wireless, or dual connected private networks to meet your budget and your needs.
    • Voice Telephony USAi has worked with many VOIP providers and our network is set up to allow full VOIP utilization over our wireless connections.  We would be glad to refer you to the VOIP providers we have found to be knowledgeable and provide great service.


  • Primary Server location
  • Back up Server location
  • SAN space available

Another way to achieve up time for your servers is to colocate with We have multiple colocation facilities strategically placed around our region. By pushing a copy of your data to one of our locations you can be sure that should disaster strike your office, your data is waiting safely off sight. currently offers server colocation for Primary and Back Up servers in Boston.  We feature redundant power and 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring.  We also offer colocation at our office location in Haverhill.

Primary servers include web, dns, mail servers, as well as customer database and application servers.

Back up servers for “off premise storage” are also a great idea.  When your in-office server is done for the day, simply push a copy to a server in our colo to be sure a copy of your data is safe.

To take advantage of our colocation services, just call us Toll Free at 1 877-USE-USAi or 978 469 0682 x 201.  You may also email us:


Be Prepared. Act Now! Disaster can strike your place of business. Most businesses would not survive the downtime if a disaster struck their facility. Create your plan today. Reserve space in our facility. Desks, phones, and Internet connection will be waiting for your key team members.

Located just 30 miles north of Boston and only 10 minutes from Routes 93 and 495, and 1000 feet from the commuter train and bus station, USAi makes it easy for your staff to reach your emergency space.

USAi consultants can, in conjunction with your staff, create Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans that will simultaneously meet your needs and not break the bank!  Call us at 978 469 0682 x 201 or email


  • Web designers
  • Hosting services
  • Domain Name Services

Tell the world about your organization. The web is the best way to reach millions of people 24 x 7 world wide. Our recommended designers have years of experience and can create an Internet presence for your company or upgrade your existing site. If you have a site already,’s HOSTING service features daily back ups to our multiple facilities insuring your site is up. So Register your company name, Get a Design and host your site and email. Call today!


USAi is ERATE certified, experienced in providing bandwidth to schools and libraries.  We are glad to partner with current Bid List Vendors as a MA Certified Woman Owned Business to provide to government agencies.  We are experienced with First Responders Networks to allow Police, Fire and Ambulance to have wireless access for vehicles.  By coordinating these initiatives between departments, USAi can work with your city or town to accomplish quality connectivity, often for less money than what you are currently spending on old technology.