Business Services’s “Dual Connect” service provides connectivity like no other provider in our region by bringing not one, but TWO separate and diverse paths. Dual Connect is our upgraded take on traditional “Multi-Homing,” by combining primary and secondary circuits, configured to automatically fail over should an issue arise on one or the other links.

It makes perfect sense to fly the second link OVER the mayhem below!
Don’t let emergencies in the street cause your business to go down!

Typically one circuit is standard fiber or wired circuit and the second is a Fixed Wireless Broadband connection which takes a totally diverse path back to the internet. You need not worry about accidents in the street knocking down poles, floods or fire in the manholes, or backhoe accidents. When you consider all the problems that can arise in the streets, it makes perfect sense to fly the second like over the mayhem in the streets below.

If you already have two wired lines, you may want to consider that the path those two lines take from your office, out of your building, down the same telecom riser and possible out the same conduit which allows just one “street problem” to take down both circuits. You may just have billing redundancy if you have two wired circuits when you should have two truly diverse paths.

If cost is an issue we have our BUDGET DUAL CONNECT and can pair the fixed wireless with a cable modem as back up.

Finally, if you are already in a contract with a fiber provider we can provide a WIRELESS ONLY back up solution to augment your connection and provide the stability your business needs.

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