Mission Critical Connectivity

USAi.net provides business grade connectivity via traditional telco based services at T1 (1.5mb), T3 (45 mb) and higher via Fiber Optics, as well as Wireless connectivity for diversity.

While lower cost DSL for business is available from USAi.net, many corporations still choose T1 and T3 wired services which come with higher availability guarantee because of the phone company tariffs related to uptime. Telco based services vary in price depending on the distance of the connection. They also typically come with a multi year commitment. Currently USAi.net provides T1 - T3 services in all of Massachusetts.

USAi.net has a well developed WIRELESS network which also provides connectivity options for those businesses that just don't trust a telco connection alone to keep them connected. USAi.net can work with developers and municipalities to bring wireless connectivity to any area that needs service.

USAi.net customers can choose a Wired PLUS Wireless or Dual Connection, receiving both wired telco based service and a wireless connection that is engineered to automatically reroute your Internet traffic if one or the other connections fail. Having a USAi.net Dual Connection is less expensive and better than getting two circuits from two of our competitors and trying to juggle the connection on your own. It is the best way to get connected and stay connected.

To contact a USAi.net sale engineer for pricing and availability you can email Sales or call our Toll Free number: 877-USE-USAi ext 202

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