"Hi Jay, I would be happy to provide you with feedback. We've been with USAi for about 2 years now and are extremely happy with them. They've proven to be a very reliable vendor who is flexible and easy to work with. We continually ask for things out of the ordinary and they have no problem delivering custom solutions. This is one of the many reasons why we've continued to work with them and are in the process of rolling out a new hosted co-located environment with them. I've been in the industry for about 15 years and have dealt with a lot of different ISP's throughout the country and world. They are definitely the best ISP to date that I've worked with in service, reliability, and ease of doing business. "
- Stephan Dalgar, Network Manager, Ipswitch

"Whether it's been providing wired, wireless, web hosting, web-design services, or general tech support, has always been responsive, and especially appreciated in those "emergency" situations. More than once I can recall when you...showed up at our facilities when our internet service was "out of business" because of Verizon or internal hardware problem! You guys never failed to get us going within an hour or two by correcting the problem or getting us a wireless connection to get back in business."
- Rich Cooper, Director of Warehousing Services

" has powered the Internet connection at the Boston Public Library since 2005 with both wired and wireless Internet connectivity. Boston Public Library trusts for both wired DS3 and Wireless OC3 connectivity for the main branch at Copley Sq. as well as 5 mb wireless connections at 27 branch locations scattered across the city. The Library considers connectivity at all locations to be a mission critical service to the city of Boston."

"ARC Technologies has been using for more than five years, and we have been very happy with them. Our wireless Internet connection offers consistent performance and excellent reliability. Technical support is easy to reach, willing and able to help, and extremely responsive. No run around, no recordings, no help desk seven states away. If trouble does occur, we at least know what and why and when. That's something you just won't get from the giant telephone and cable companies."
- Ben Scott, Systems Admin

"Boston Main Streets has been partnering with for the past two years, and we have been impressed by their professionalism and responsiveness to our unusual needs in bringing wireless to Boston's neighborhoods. is more than a vendor, they are a partner."
- Brian Goodman

" has consistently provided superior solutions for our constantly changing needs along with the highest levels of customer service. is one of our most valuable partners."
- Todd Ficarra (System Administrator, Bay State College)

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